No flap is involved in this procedure, instead the custom laser treatment is applied directly to the corneal surface. PRK is a great option for patients with thinner corneas, higher prescriptions or corneal scarring. During PRK the surgeon will gently remove the first layer of the cornea (epithelium) by using a diluted alcohol solution and surgical sponge. Once these cells have been removed, the vision will be corrected by reshaping the cornea using the Visx Star S4 laser with Iris Registration. A bandage contact lens (soft contact with no power) will then be placed on the eye for comfort as the epithelium regenerates. This typically takes 4 days at which time the bandage contact lens is removed.

It is advised that patients who undergo PRK take 1 week off of work and driving. Most patients are able to resume their normal activities after 1 week although individual healing may vary this.

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