The technology used at VICTORIA EYE allows patients to achieve the best possible outcomes, while maximizing procedure safety.

The iDesign Wavefront Aberrometer

This advanced diagnostic device maps your eye’s higher and lower order optical aberrations. Every eye’s map, or Wavescan, is unique, much like a fingerprint. This diagnostic information allows the laser treatment delivered to be completely customized. The Wavescan data is automatically loaded directly into the Visx Star S4 IR excimer laser computer in preparation for the Custom iDesign treatment. There is no manual entry of this critical data.

Visx Star S4 with Iris Registration

This is the latest generation of excimer laser used to precisely reshape the cornea according to the Wavescan data collected. All of the unique data measured for your eyes would be useless if the laser treatment is not precisely placed in the same location the measurements were taken. The Visx Star S4 IR is able to precisely match the position of the custom laser treatment with the Wavescan map data using Iris Registration technology. Iris Registration allows the Wavescan map data to be linked and oriented with the detail of the iris pattern. Unlike pupil tracking, which can only detect side to side and up and down eye movements, iris tracking is able to track rotational movements (known as cyclorotation) in addition. This rotational alignment is critically important to ensure astigmatism and higher order aberration treatments are effective.

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