Determining Candidacy

The first step in determining if laser refractive surgery is right for you would generally be performed by your optometrist.

Your optometrist will assess the history of your eyes and perform many of the necessary pre-operative tests required to establish the best treatment for you.

Once your optometrist has confirmed your candidacy then a free consultation with the doctors at VICTORIA EYE is the next step.

Free Consutations

During a free consultation our technicians and doctors will examine your eyes using Zeiss Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), topography, pachymetry, and Visx iDesign aberrometry (Wavescan). They will measure your glasses, pupil size, ocular dominance, refraction, visual acuities, intraocular pressures and examine all of the ocular anatomy.

Based on your exam, if you are a candidate for the procedure, you will then meet with our surgical counsellor who will go over the surgery details, consent form, prices of surgery and even help you schedule the procedure if you feel ready.

Free consultations are 1.5 – 2 hour dilated eye exams. Due to the dilating drops, you may experience blurry vision and light sensitivity. It is recommended to have a ride planned for afterwards as well as sunglasses.


Potential contraindications for laser refractive surgery include corneal irregularities, dry eyes, cataracts, glaucoma, unstable glasses prescriptions or prescriptions that are outside of the scope of the lasers treatment. In addition, laser surgery may not be advised for people taking certain medications.

Women who are pregnant or nursing may not proceed with surgery until finished nursing. If you are pregnant, nursing or considering within 6 months please advise the VICTORIA EYE staff.

Book Your Free Consultation

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